27 June 2009

It's About Time

What is time?
Time is a well-founded illusion.

Time kills. Time heals. Time reveals.
But tell me,
How do you feel?

Time will always change. Time doesn't stay the same.
There is always going to be a time.
But will you do something when that time comes?
What will you do when that time comes?

Let me ask again, with all seriousness, what is time?
"Time is the path to glory or the path to hell."

18 June 2009

Why Me? Is It Just Me? Well, It's a Matter of Perspective

Have you ever wondered why bad things always seem to happen to you? Oftenly we said, "Why do bad things always happen to me? Why not her or him? Why me?"

Well, first of all, let me set it straight, bad things happen to everyone. None of us can escape having bad experiences. We need to know why some of us experience bad things more often than others? One thing we must keep in mind is that many times what appear to be 'bad things' are simply a matter of perspective.

Everything in this world can be seen as you wish to. Depends on the way we look at things. Good or Bad. Simple or Complicated. Easy or Difficult. We act as the magnet and attract whatever we wish to be surrounded with. When we think positive, we draw positivity and when we think negative thoughts, negativity is what will come to us.


You know sometimes the answer depended on perspective. How you see things can and, often does, determine how you respond. How you respond is primarily based on what you believe. What you believe is based on where you put your faith.

This way of looking at facts could change our entire life. We should never regret the moment we chose and we should always search for the brightest side of things in every single moment of our life. That’s what a wider perspective gives you. Don’t think you know what’s best if you haven’t seen it all. It just might be something that you have missed.
Have anything good happen to you lately? Changing your perspective could change your entire life. Go on! Take a chance. Someone took a chance on you, didn't they?