26 December 2011

The Year of Clichés

Delicate Goodbye by Chaz Knapp on Grooveshark

Good things come and go like bad things, obviously. I read it somewhere, that not everything (not a thing, I would say) stays forever, but there are some things you'd fight for, so you can have them just a little longer. But when the time comes, let go.

A lot has happened in a year, yup. Enough to make me realize that not everything needs to make sense. Sometimes you just have to feel something you have never felt before.

No need to question 'why is this happening to me?' or something like that. You can't force something to work the way you want.

It flows or it doesn't. It's meant to be or it isn't.


Just embrace it. Embrace everything and each feeling that comes to us.

If it's happiness, savour the sweet moment while it last. If it's sadness, then face it, learn as much from it as you can, get stronger, get wiser. If what you feel is that flat emotion somewhere between happy and sad, man up, do something, be spontaneous, take the risk, feel the adrenaline rush. #realtalk

Life is simple. 

Thanks. Thank you. For everyone. For the people who make me happy, sad, miserable, 'die' of laughter. For being there. You guys are the best. I'm thankful for having you (as my parents, siblings, cousins,  friends or even strangers), I'm thankful for what I've been through,  I'm thankful for what I am right now, and I'm thankful, for I have lived in 2011.

Because of you, you, and you. Oh, you too. Yes. All of you. *bowing*