27 February 2009

Mid Test Stress

I have a mid test this coming Monday. So what is a girl to do? I have a bad feeling this might not end to my standards );

The more I think about it, the more it seems like I am in fact living the typical life that a high school student lives. Life revolves around school. It involves long nights studying and always being tired. It involves much intellectual activity, exchanging of ideas and conjuring up great theories that could make the world a better place and then forgetting about them a few days later :B

I need to let go of some stress. Like, get some alone time. This may sound strange, but finding a few moments of peace and quiet for yourself it's amazing.

I really wanna study. Although I hate studying. But I just cannot drive myself to do it.
It’s only Monday.
Tired, groggy, upset sleeping pattern.
It will be a busy weeks, but life goes on and I have to deal with it anyways.
So, just enjoy the life and keep praying. 

Wish me luck, please >_>

23 February 2009

Six. Random Things About Myself.

Tagged by: July Girl :)

. I'm always worried about my weight, but not really doing enough to control it.

2. I love trying a new restaurants. Really. It's like my mother. Well, like mother like daughter, LMAO.

3. I love making people laugh and love getting better at it.

4. I love to write. I love putting my thoughts down in story form, to tell my story through someone else eyes, have them do all the thing that I can’t or only hope to do. Make the reader feel what I can never express out loud ;3

5. I’m a people person, I love to be around people. But I rarely open up to people. To told anything about the real me, the real hurts, and what caused that pain.

6. I love to read. It doesn’t matter what I’m reading, what type of book, fiction or non-fiction. I would much rather read, then watch TV any day.

So yeah, hello you, that is me.

22 February 2009


When I feel lonely, when I feel hopeless, what I want to do is move to the right or the left. 
I don't want to feel what I feel.

19 February 2009

Silver Elephant

I have read Fifa's and Cassey's blog and and I've found something interesting. Fun site that can analyze our personality. So, I just tried it and here is the result:

"You are Silver Elephant, who gives an impression of being pure and innocent. You are not pretentious and are very straight forward type of woman. You tend to lack sweet sensitivity. Instead you possess strong will power and resolute attitude. You are a hard worker, and will not depend on others. You are a person who steadily puts effort. You think high of rationalism, and hence, lacks softness. Economically, you are precise and sound. You will not spend money on impulse. Although you don't show, you are actually a person with pride, and tend to be upright and little bit short tempered. You may act more maturely than your age, or more childish at times. This unbalance tends to be your attraction. You are very independent sort of person, and will not dare think to rely on men. You therefore try to take control of things. You can very well take lead of men, and have a skill of not showing that. Profit and efficiency is very important to you. You tend to choose your hobbies on that as well. Even after you get married, you wouldn't be turned by houseworks, and in fact will carry out it efficiently. You will take great interest in your children's education, and will turn out to be a good mother and a wife."


Woohoo, you should try it everybody, it's scarily accurate.

11 February 2009

Sum It Up In Four Words

Many way to describe many things in this world. But this is the way I describe something in my life. Enjoy. (Ps. you can try it too ;-))


Good Conversation + Laughter + You = Friend


Odd + Warm + Inspiration = Family


Love + Wisdom + Caring = Mother


Hero + Teacher + Friend = Father


Secrets + Sassy + Soul Mate = Sister


Fun + Helpful + Trouble = Brother

---High School Life---

Wild + Fulfilling + Search = High School Life


Addicting + Necessity + All-knowing = Internet


Share + Making New Friends + Writing = Blogging


Vital + Pleasure + Emotion = Music


Blessed + Unlimited + Roller-coaster = Life


Just one word Undescribeable, LOL :D

09 February 2009

If Life is a Stage

What is our own role? 
What is your role on life’s stage?
We probably have several different roles depending on the situation. Am I right?
One might be a good listener to your brother and sister, another could be very analytical person when you need to do some math problems (shees), another could be funny friends when you're with your best friends, another could be..., ah etc.  
Anyway, let's treasure our uniqueness. Don't you think it is a gift given only to us? Infact uniqueness is the buzzword of God’s creation. Do your role. We are all mastepieces of God’s creation. Altough on the other side realizing our own role is the biggest block, duh D;

Life is your stage.
We are here to celebrate the festival of Life and to enjoy it through understanding what we are and why we are here”

05 February 2009

Happy Life :/

What is the secret?

Thousand million dollars? Errrrrrr....... nope.
Sexiest man or woman alive? Hemmmmm....... nope.

What else?

Maybe this,

"Keep your heart free from hate, your mind free from worry. Live simply, expect little, give much. Fill your life with love. Scatter sunshine. Forget self, think of others. Do as you would be done by. It’s the way to happiness. Try this for a week and you will be surprised."
— H.C. Mattern

Whatever, maybe it sounds cliché,  but it’s very mindblowing. And though difficult to practice. It’s not easy, really. For me  make someone else smile is the best, for now. 
Let's keep up this for our life, always life simply and be happy. Why not? ;-)