03 January 2012

"I am ashes—

—where once I was fire."

Because you have to fall, in order to grow.

Holy damn, I morphed into a 19-year-old on December 31. I guess, I'm gonna stay 18 forever. You know, young at heart, always. Like, what's the fun in being a grown-up? Hahah. However, 18 is really the mean age (in my life) by which I have made my major decision about who I am and what I like. This is constantly changing and readjusting itself forever of course, but it is pretty much in place at the age of 18. The year has been a thrilling year.  Many exciting moments and there are difficult times too, a lot. I'm having a good time, when suddenly *BOOM* I'm 19 now. 
Being a half-adult. 12 months to go until I'm 20. 12 months before I'm feeling like being abruptly pushed off a cliff into adulthood. I think I should really do something this one full year. But, what? 

Oh, whatever. 
*sing a long to "18 Till I Die"*  
*enjoying life*
Cheers to youth!