27 April 2010

Life's What You Make It

Because life is like a video game but you are both the controller and the controlled.
As I grow older, I try to find a better control of myself.
Need to choice smartly and hoping that choice can be my power.
Otherwise, I'm afraid, it could be my laxity.

Think about today as one more opportunity,
to complete what I have not be able to do up to yesterday. 
Pray a lot. Do the best. Then wait and see.
If it is God’s will, I hope I can be what I want to be.

(Amen to that.)

12 April 2010

Say, Shout & Whisper

She always thinks they are not built to last, shatter like glass.
"Come on," she says. She don't give a damn.
Even she can't remember anything, like what's his favorite game?

But who knows where that path will take them?
And then she shouts,
"Let's go ahead hand in hand and promise not to let go.
Because it may lead us somewhere massive & astounding."

So she just put her arms around him.
And, finally, she whispers, "Oh dear, I love you. "

She loves him.