29 March 2010

I Hate

I hate being told what to do. Especially when I'm really sure with what I am doing and I understand the consequences.

Okay, oftentimes I do not to listen to anyone. That does not mean I am a very bad person. I mean, oh yeah that's bother me a lot when I should listen to somebody that told me what to do and what to think?! It's my mind. On the other hand if you are asking me to do something nice for you, sure I'll do it. I have no problem with that. I love being nice and I love doing nice things for other people. And sometimes I ask people to do something for me too but it's because I would do the same for them.

Look, thank you for your guidance but telling me how to run my life wont help. If you tell me what to do, just prepare for a backlash.

And about mistake. It is mine to make and I will learn from it.

Thanks for reading.