31 January 2009



I find myself getting really irritable for almost no reason. And suddenly feeling down without knowing why. Going from joy to anger to sadness in a matter of minutes? Blargh. (Swear, I hate feeling this way!
I've learned that I can't take decision when I am angry. 
I've learned that I need to think twice before I act. 
I'm begging myself to act wise. Come on!

27 January 2009


Do you agree with this statement?
Well, nowadays I think I'm quite boring. With my life. (Or i just choose to be bored, eh?) 
I have wonderful friends and family. But it's just everyday conversations, habitual chores and even intimidating silences when I am alone. Grr. I'm enjoying my holiday and I miss it when it’s gone.
Mother Theresa says "Life is a challenge, meet it." Well, I've met my life, but where is the challenge?

Any advice how to make my life worthwhile? Or you just feel the same way too?