31 January 2009



I find myself getting really irritable for almost no reason. And suddenly feeling down without knowing why. Going from joy to anger to sadness in a matter of minutes? Blargh. (Swear, I hate feeling this way!
I've learned that I can't take decision when I am angry. 
I've learned that I need to think twice before I act. 
I'm begging myself to act wise. Come on!


Putri Erdisa said...

wah... who is on the photo? :D
well, yesterday... yes. yesterday. errr... don't know what i schould say! hahaha xD

Kelly said...

that photo is beautiful...
i went through that same feeling about a year ago.
it REALLY sucked.
i hope things get better for you=]

Enep said...

The picture, it's from google.
^Putri: okay put, just let the yesterday pass by );
^Kelly: yeah it sucked! Thanks for the support kelly ;)

adele said...

that's a lovely sunset photo.
chin up, dear. things will go back to normal, ie really good, in a little while.
after all, as patrick wolf sings
'Coz if you never lose,
How you gonna know when you've won
And if it's never dark,
How you gonna know the sun

Enep said...

Thanks adele. Nice lyric, it's really amuse me (:

Eighty4 said...

i have days like this,ugh i hate the feeling too

Enep said...

Absolutely agree ;)

Ignatia Katia Laksmi said...

i just can't agree more with you :)
this is a great thought.