03 January 2012

"I am ashes—

—where once I was fire."

Because you have to fall, in order to grow.

Holy damn, I morphed into a 19-year-old on December 31. I guess, I'm gonna stay 18 forever. You know, young at heart, always. Like, what's the fun in being a grown-up? Hahah. However, 18 is really the mean age (in my life) by which I have made my major decision about who I am and what I like. This is constantly changing and readjusting itself forever of course, but it is pretty much in place at the age of 18. The year has been a thrilling year.  Many exciting moments and there are difficult times too, a lot. I'm having a good time, when suddenly *BOOM* I'm 19 now. 
Being a half-adult. 12 months to go until I'm 20. 12 months before I'm feeling like being abruptly pushed off a cliff into adulthood. I think I should really do something this one full year. But, what? 

Oh, whatever. 
*sing a long to "18 Till I Die"*  
*enjoying life*
Cheers to youth!


Fifa said...

Nepo, I have a bad news. I'll turn 20 by this March.
And you still half-hearted to let go of your 18-years-old glory. Gue merasa sangat tua :'(

@enep said...

Let's brace ourself, Pako! Get used to it. Because it just goes by faster and faster from here forward. Lol.

But remember, you're as young as you feel. So start feeling young! :-D

Sarah D said...

It's my first visit here :-) I'm eighteen, and I'm gonna stay eighteen forever and ever and ever.
Lovely blog

White List said...



@enep said...

Thanks guys :)

Sovathary Bon said...

I love your blog. So artistic and thoughtful.