23 February 2009

Six. Random Things About Myself.

Tagged by: July Girl :)

. I'm always worried about my weight, but not really doing enough to control it.

2. I love trying a new restaurants. Really. It's like my mother. Well, like mother like daughter, LMAO.

3. I love making people laugh and love getting better at it.

4. I love to write. I love putting my thoughts down in story form, to tell my story through someone else eyes, have them do all the thing that I can’t or only hope to do. Make the reader feel what I can never express out loud ;3

5. I’m a people person, I love to be around people. But I rarely open up to people. To told anything about the real me, the real hurts, and what caused that pain.

6. I love to read. It doesn’t matter what I’m reading, what type of book, fiction or non-fiction. I would much rather read, then watch TV any day.

So yeah, hello you, that is me.


Manja said...

Great post! I also love to read! :)

Enep Annisa said...

yeah, reading is my favourite hobby. nice to hear that you love to read too.

xo :)

Zoë said...

thank you (:
I am like your first point: that one about your weight, i'm also doing nothing about it -_-


Agnes Deer said...

Totally agree with the last one. Reading is the thing I like better in this world! I just can't stop :)

Penny said...

i totally agree with you on number 1!! i just love food too much! :D

Emily said...

Love the photo =) Great post && blog!

July Girl said...

I looove trying new restaurants too!! what's your favorite cuisine?

Twobreadsplease said...

Definitely agree with number one. I always think about my weight, until I completely forget about it in lieu of something tasty, haha. xx

zoe said...

We have some things in common! I hardly ever watch TV.

Nice and Shiny said...

I would say the same about all these things, except maybe the writing thing. I'm not the best writer, although it is very satisfying when I come up with something half descent, lol!


Enep Annisa said...

^Zoe, Penny, Twobreadplease:
I think point number one is everybody problem ;P Many people does it, right? rofl :DDD

^Agnes Deer:
of course. reading is make us more knowledgeable, hehehe ;3 books? oh, I love 'em.

thank you! yours too :)

^July Girl:
I like many varieties of foods ;) Esp. spicy food. hmm, yumm. but for sure, Indonesian is the best (Y) what's yours?

yeah, nowadays I hate Indonesian TV channels ;( it's so bad. the shows are less qualified.

^Nice and Shiny:
wow, great. we have same interest. maybe we could talk each other like an old friend. tee-hee :P

Dayen said...

enep awas aja ntar kalo ada tag buat gue, kaga mau gue hahaha

Rina said...

nice:), do u have any book to recommend me? im not the reading type, but i have too..

Enep Annisa said...

Have you tried to read My Sister's Keeper? If you haven't, you should. It's an amazing book ;3

July Girl said...

I love Spicy food. I don't have a favorite cuisine..I eat pretty much everything, but I like Chinese alot. Yummy pecking duck!

MJ. said...

So glad u love to write since I love ur writings!!:P
And share your love for trying new restaurants!!:P


Flashes of Style said...

Wow what great art!

carocream said...

I also love to write. I prefer real paper letters. Today i wrote a letter in the old-fashioned way, with a pen and a bowl of ink. Nice blog!x

HoneyBunny said...

nice! I enjoyed reading it!

Enep Annisa said...

July Girl:
yeaay, pecking duck is so yummy. I think pecking duck is the most delicious food from Chinese cuisine ;B

wow, I'm so happy to hear that you love my post ;3

sounds cool, with a bowl of ink? great! but I prefer to write in a story form, just like what I said to make the reader feel what I can never express out loud :DD

Flashes of Style, HoneyBunny:
thank you very much dear, xo

Ignatia Katia Laksmi said...

great post. really :) may i link your blog?

Mary-Laure said...

Thanks for allowing us to know you a little better.
Make us laugh!

Anonymous said...

1. im veri worried bout ma weight...i think im fat no matter how mani ppl tel me im not.

2.i dnt really go 2 real restaraunts...i go to buffets and its always da same buffet evrytime...lol

3.MAKIN PPL LAUGH is great. i love it...even if it means makin me luk stupid

4. i used to write stories but now wut i do is write poetry...cus i lik 2 make ma life rhyme lol

5. i get n truble 4 bein 2 much of a ppl person. i talk 2 much n class nd i wuld get comments on ma report cards dat im TOO SOCIAL!!!

6.im a very big reader...i read almost evrything but ma fave books r teen romances

Enep said...

nice to know you :)