11 February 2009

Sum It Up In Four Words

Many way to describe many things in this world. But this is the way I describe something in my life. Enjoy. (Ps. you can try it too ;-))


Good Conversation + Laughter + You = Friend


Odd + Warm + Inspiration = Family


Love + Wisdom + Caring = Mother


Hero + Teacher + Friend = Father


Secrets + Sassy + Soul Mate = Sister


Fun + Helpful + Trouble = Brother

---High School Life---

Wild + Fulfilling + Search = High School Life


Addicting + Necessity + All-knowing = Internet


Share + Making New Friends + Writing = Blogging


Vital + Pleasure + Emotion = Music


Blessed + Unlimited + Roller-coaster = Life


Just one word Undescribeable, LOL :D


Ravi Garibaldi said...

enep, cari gambar bagus gimana sih(males ubek2 google search).

hehehe. cie yg tak terdefinisi. uda kaya matematika aja.

eh terdeskripsi deng

Enep said...

macem macem rav. flickr sama found tuh bagus bagus.

Manja said...

I really like this. You summed up everything that needs to be said in a few words. great.

Enep said...

Thank you Manja. You can try it too dear ;-)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-what a lovely post and thanks for stopping by too!

Jen said...

I love this. I love how you described life especially x

Reeli said...

amazing post honey.


Enep said...

^Sharon: welcome Sharon :-*

^Jen and Reeli:
many many thanks dear, xo.

Lisa said...

thanks for your comment!
what a nice post!
my ipod arrived today!


closeup said...

nice post! and cute pics

thanks for stopping by, hon :)

Dooder City said...

I love all these photos! How great.

Raquel said...

thank you for you comment :) I loved this post!

Darragh said...

rather beautiful photographs.
what a thoughtful post!

nuheila said...

thank you for your comment:)
nice post!

Enep said...

^Lisa: wow, I am happy to hear that ;-)

^ Closeup, Dooder City, Raquel, Darragh and Nuheila: thaaanks, xo.

Allison said...

This is so cute!
Very well done, darling.

Cecelia said...

Your'e so cute!

sandra said...

awesome post :)

Enep said...

Thank you so much Allison, Cecelia, Sandra.


one little simitopian said...

This is a great post! Very interesting idea!
Thanks for visiting my blog too :)

Missa said...

What wonderful equations! Really lovely post :)

Enep said...

yeay, thank you so much :--D