27 February 2009

Mid Test Stress

I have a mid test this coming Monday. So what is a girl to do? I have a bad feeling this might not end to my standards );

The more I think about it, the more it seems like I am in fact living the typical life that a high school student lives. Life revolves around school. It involves long nights studying and always being tired. It involves much intellectual activity, exchanging of ideas and conjuring up great theories that could make the world a better place and then forgetting about them a few days later :B

I need to let go of some stress. Like, get some alone time. This may sound strange, but finding a few moments of peace and quiet for yourself it's amazing.

I really wanna study. Although I hate studying. But I just cannot drive myself to do it.
It’s only Monday.
Tired, groggy, upset sleeping pattern.
It will be a busy weeks, but life goes on and I have to deal with it anyways.
So, just enjoy the life and keep praying. 

Wish me luck, please >_>


Ravi Garibaldi said...

cepet amat bsok senen uda uts!! berjuanglah

Enep Annisa said...

uh huh. thanks --_
cepet banget ye sekolah gue.

Creaholica said...

haha good luck. and don't forget to enjoy! (:

and yes indeed - it was really fun - hihi


Manja said...

High School always revolves around studying and hurting brains haha. I wish you all the best for your exam!
I know what you mean, I always need alone time while studying. I usually take a walk and then I am a lot more energetic!

carocream said...

thank you and indeed, i love the pronunciation (is that the right word?) 'a photo can say more than a thousand words'.
and, good luck :] x

Eva said...

Thankyou :)
The test went sort of good... Maybe I have a good note ;)
Good luck to you too!


muchlove said...

Good luck! You can do it ;)

and thank you for the comment!

July Girl said...

Good luck!!
we've all been there, but life goes on.. don't stress much. and long nights studying?? thats the worst thing ever!!! You should take sometime alone, I always do that..it relaxes me so much.

Dayen said...

aku juga pekan ulangan hari senin ep

Enep said...

lol, okay. just enjoy. I'll try.

hurting brain. yeah I love those two words ;P Thanks for the advice. But walk? sounds bad for me. I'm too lazy to do that. lmao.

yeah, I think it is.
and I love your photos ;)

wah, you've passed your test smoothly, girl. I hope mine too -___-

thanks and welcome :)

^July Girl:
but I usually do long night studying and yes, it caused my terrible sleep pattern. maybe I should be more relax. thaaaanks :-*

Iya nih yen, rada rada kepikiran gua.

sleepyheaded nindya said...

smangat yahh.. i've just passed my pre national final exam.. and, we try our trick.. ahahaha.. gmana cara nyontek biar gak ketauan.. btw.. smangad ya nep!!

Sweet Things said...

thank u!i fell just like u at this moment.me myself and i

a. said...

hey girlie!
good luck with your tests! don't stress too much :)

Enep said...

^sleepyheaded nindya:
wah kakak udah mau UAN ya? sukses juga ya kak. cara jitu mencontek? hahaha itu akan selalu jadi rencana B ;P

^Sweet Things:
you're welcome. I think everybody ever felt this way, right? But it's time for me );

thank you a! xx

carocream said...

i use that box only for my artstuff, for my schoolbooks i have got another bag ;D x

Bonnie Klyde said...

good luck with your exam =) I finished all of mine in Jan and when I did a whole weight was lifted off my chest so I started Nouvoletta. Think about that feeling and everything should fall into place. Thanks for your comment!


Enep said...

oh, I think that is your school bag lol.

^Bonnie Klyde:
wah, you've passed it all. great ;) thanks for the support then, xo.

kimvee said...

AMEN TO THAT! LOL Keep enjoying life. By the way, stay in school, the real world is crazy right now especially with the economy, trust me.. I know HAHA

Enep said...

thanks ;) yes, I think these days the world economy seems so chaotic.

Tina said...

exam stress is not good, maybe some hot chocolate might help? also sending lots of luck your way :)

Lisa said...

good luck!


closeup said...

thanks for commenting :)

don't let school stress you out!

Flashes of Style said...

Wow that photo is so amazing!

Miranda said...

thanks for the comment and the well wishes! i feel much better :)

Belle said...

aw ♥
I hope your test went well!!

essence said...

Good luck!

and thank you for the comment!


The Clothes Horse said...

Good luck on your midterms. I'm actually procrastinating from studying for a test right now...

mandi said...

it will get better sweetie..after high school there's college and after college there's paying off college but then after that you can be FREE! hah.

Athena. said...

Ohh, lovely blog :)
Good luck for your exams, sure you'll do fine!
Ohh, and I saw you read My Sister's Keeper, which is my absolute favourite book, it made me cry absolute buckets!
love xx

ashley said...

good luck:)
x ashley

Enep said...

Thanks all! For the support and the whishes. Makes me feel so much better. Much love, xo ;)

Ps. I think I have repeat my Math ); it's so bad