05 March 2009


Burst out laughing?


Burst into tears?


Any advices?
Calming me down or cheering me up maybe?


Ravi Garibaldi said...

tidur dan melupakan segalanya saat bangun di pagi hari yang cerah namun terburu-buru karena peraturan syetan 6.30!!

Enep said...

well, rav, melupakan segalanya itu sulit. huff.

carocream said...

Yesterday i was going dead of the pain but today it's much better :] thank you! Always when i laugh, i cry. Even if i smile, i have tears in my eyes so for me it's the same, but i think laughing is the most beautiful in the world, so laugh so much as you can! ;D

Abbey Meyer said...

i love how you write in pictures :)

i think it's better to laugh until you cry. <3

thanks for the compliments!

July Girl said...

Burst out laughing of course!!
hope you do good on your math exam :)

sleepyheaded nindya said...

kalo aku sih smoking.. tp jangn ditiru yaa syg.. gak baik :) ahahah.. tidur. makan. sholat.. bakalan cheering you up or calming your soul..

simak ui.. mmm. aku gak bisa ngerjain fisikanya.. hiks hiks.. blank.. tiba2 rumus2 itu langsung ilang.. ahaha.. fisika aku gak aku jawab sama sekali.. yah.. doain aku yaa.. moga2 diterima :)

Manja said...

Being so happy that you cry is always the best thing :) (If the sun ever comes out here again, I might start crying of happiness hahaha...*misses sun*)

purplephalanges said...

Definitely burst out laughing, or laugh until you cry!

Laughter is the best medicine and always makes you feel better. It never fails :)

Anyway, thanks for following and the lovely comments!

Enep said...

well, I decided to live my life happily. so just burst out laughing (until you cry) :DDD
thanks for the advices! love you guys! all of you!

xxoo :-***

^July Girl:
special thanks sweety! I don't like math actually 0;

^sleppyheaded nindya:
woa. what a bad habbit kak :(
okay, I'll sending you lots of luck ;p

Zoë said...

a quote with a meaning, I like it (:

Ashton said...

i love nat port :)
great blog.

Enep said...

thanks ;)

yeah, Nat is perfect. anyway yours is great too :3

intan bercerita said...

hai enep, terakhir berkunjung blognya blm kaya gini, tadi liat lagi jadi woww, berubah banget, dan makin keren layoutnyaa! :D

about the feeling,
i choose the first one ;)

Enep said...

wah, terima kasih Intan ;) okay, thanks for your opinion!

BlueKlein said...

laughter is always better...

but sometimes you just need to cry and if you dont, theres gonna come a day when you are not gonna be ok, so if you need to cry, then cry and if you prefer to laugh just do it :)

In-tree-gue said...

laughing is considered healthy

copperoranges said...

sometimes i laugh so hard i cry. i think the term for this is hysteria.

get it out girl! my mom says there's a hormone in women that is only released through tears. so cry away.

Sixreadrabbits said...

Thats the best thing about being a girl!
We're all allowed to be a little bipolar every once and a while, or else we would go insane! lol.

yay for mood swings! :)

Enep said...

agree with all of you. thanks guys it's really makes me better ')

much love <3

Mary said...

I'd say cry in the shower where you can't really tell, and laugh everywhere else:)

rudi said...

i always think that when theres nothing left to do, you should just laugh. especially in public places where others join in with you.

you see things in a new light

wonderful blog, really x

Enep said...

nice advice, thanks!

thanks dear ;3

nikkimoose. said...

i found my new favorite blog xx

Enep said...

thank nikki;)

nonsenseofthetruth said...

Yeaaah, we prefer laughing until you cry ^^

keep on smiling dear! :D


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