26 July 2009

Let's Survive Monday!

So sorry for my lack of blogging, again. Well it's been a busy busy week and it seems things are only going to get busier. On Sunday afternoon, I had a little time to myself, so instead of doing the nothing, I decided to start up blogging. Things have been a bit crazy the past few days but in a good way. June is going to be just nuts. But, I guess that's a good thing because life would get rather dull if we ended up doing the same thing all year round.

Well, tomorrow is Monday for me. And I'm pretty much hates monday morning. I hate it how I start to dread Mondays right on from Sunday. I swear, on Mondays, school should start later so I don’t have to get up so early! I don’t hate my school. I actually enjoy it most of the time. But Monday morning…especially a Monday after a long weekend, I completely dread it. Sometimes Monday even makes Sunday sucks.

Do you dread Monday? I have simple trick to make them a little less stressful.
Try to wake up about 90 minutes before you need to leave. Hop in the shower. Enjoy the water and think about how great today is going to be. Don't skip breakfast. Get ready for school/work. Listen to your favorite songs in the car and by the time you arrive at theschool/ office, you should feel pretty happy and energized.
Hope that would be usefull.

Anyway, I found another great short movie on YouTube.
SIGNS. One of the 2009 Cannes Lions winners.
A simple short film about communication. Created by Publicis Mojo and @RadicalMedia. Directed by Patrick Hughes.

If you like the soundtrack, you can check out @ http://www.internetdj.com/signs-music

Watch and let this sweet movie adding a little sweetness to your day!
Happy Monday everyone <3

"The new week takes the vehicle out of park and gets us back on the road to success. If you'd rather sit in the parking lot, than think about what you're attracting with a heavy sigh and dread of Monday. Is it what you really want your new week to shape up to be? Whatever you think, you're right!"

Ps. Tell me what is your trick to survive Monday?


Anonymous said...

loooooooooving the movie so much!!! it just so sweet :') oh no, i'm gonna cry..

Enep said...

yep, it's just too much sweet! :3

Hannah said...

The movie was so cute! :D

I usually just go at Monday with all I have and give it my best shot. I'm an early bird, but I might give myself 10-20 extra minutes to help throughout the day and then hop into the shower right after.

pinkapplecore said...

oh I don't know, I don't like Mondays either but I don't know I don't have anything to make them better ^. ^

Nisa Puspasari said...

i hate monday too. itu hari paling hectic kayaknya haha. tp enjoy aja ! bsknya kan ketemu selasa trs rabu dan seterusnya. jgn dibawa beban :}

Anonymous said...

start the day with a smile! :)
sounds simple, but it helps :)

Carlotta said...

I'm very busy too and I miss blogging so much :(( hate mondays the only nice thing in that I finish before to work on mondays..but they still sucks!

Putri Erdisa said...

good post, nep! well i'm trying to love monday but it kinda hard! flag ceremony, wake-up-early, bla bla bla. hahahaa :D

Yes, please. said...

I'm going to try your better Monday tips, I definitely need something to help me survive monday mornings!

The July Girl said...

I hate Sundays because of Mondays! :(

Ashita Alix said...

enep my crazy lil philosopher what cooking in your mind right about..... NOW!

Yulia Rahmawati said...

to survive at monday
harus punya gebetan

Arashi said...

Oh my, that movie was just too much. Strangely related to what my recurrent theme in writing is.

Also, my trick to surviving Monday is to looking forward to meeting someone in the evening. So I like to make plans for Monday evenings. Just something small, but it helps.

Enep said...

Thanks for sharing everyone! :}

Nathalie Snip said...

i love this
we so sad and now he is happy with her
they are sweet
i really love this movie