19 June 2010

I am Pissed Off

pissed |pist| vulgar slang
1 (also pissed off) feeling like you can kill everyone in 1000 mile radius.

(Source: Urban Dictionary)

I know some choices just have worse consequences than others and nobody can stop me from doing anything but myself. I make all of my own decisions, even if those decisions are to do what I am told, or what people say I 'should' do. It annoys me that people need a reason for me to be the way I am. Keep complaining about the mistakes I make. 

I'm fucked up because I fucked me up because I chose to fuck me up. Not even kidding or being sarcastic here.  It's no one else's fault, but my own and I'm okay with that. So why isn't everyone else?

As I said in my previous post, "Mistakes are mine to make and I will learn from it."

So, what is wrong with making mistakes, if we could learn from it?

And by the way, stop complaining about what anyone else doing. Do work. Do you.
Peace out.


Anonymous said...

wow, strong words. but i got the point. sometimes i feel it too.

Sarah Sophia said...

oho, you sound very pissed off.
don't care about other peoples saying. remember: always look on the bright side of life^^

Anonymous said...
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Enep said...

Anonymous: Pardon about the f words. I wrote this when I'm still feeling pissed off, so, it's fresh from the oven. Uncensored.

Sarah Sophia: Yeah. I always try dear. I just need to vent about what I feel :)

俊偉 said...


naya said...

semua orang dikasih banyak pilihan dan harus nambil resiko dari apa yang kita pilih, itu cara manusia belajar tentang hidup
tetap semangat neeep !! :O