03 February 2011


“PostSecret: Fifty People One Question ” 

The way this is filmed. It makes everything looks bright, colorful, and beautiful. Or maybe that’s just how life is. In any case, the not being able to fly, the couple, and the death one really got me.


Lea said...

"I believe death is a beautiful thing, beautiful part of life." Love this!

And oh, I love your blog too! I have a blog called L.M (http://www.lmdiary.blogspot.com/), are you maybe interested in link exchange?

bye :)

Tea For Two said...

^ That was also my favourite secret (death is a beautiful thing).

Great blog, great post.

Enep said...

That's one of my favorites too! The other one is:

"I hate birds. I think because, I hate when they fly and I can't fly."

I love that kid :)

fanni. said...

i love this movie, so much! thanks for posting!
how come you stopped blogging? really like your blog!